Beware the sex jokes or employee dating!

Beware the sex jokes or employee dating!

It is so common in bars & restaurants for employees to share dirty jokes and pass them on. A very common occurrence that happens time after time. Another common occurrence is dating amongst employees, people who get to know each other quite well in their working environment.

But what happens when the dirty joke falls on unappreciative ears? Or the dating couple breaks-up and 1 then claims sexual harassment?

Your typical restaurant insurance policy EXCLUDES these acts from their policy. Most restaurant owners do not know this.

Their is a policy out there call EPLI (Employment Practices Liability Insurance) which addresses these issues. It covers things like wrongful termination, age discrimination, sexual harassment and unsafe work environment. These issues affect just about every restaurant and bar in the United States and owner’s of these places should be aware of their risks.

You can be the best owner/manager, maintain a excellent work environment but all it takes is 1 disgruntled employee to blow the whistle and force you to defend yourself.

Beware the sex jokes or employee dating!

Be a smart insurance consumer and know your risks, know what you have protected and what you do not.

Tom Larsen, speaker, author, licensed insurance broker

P.S. – I bad manager can really ruin a restaurants reputation or cause a lawsuit.

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