Co-Marketing with Neighborhood Businesses

Co-Marketing with Neighborhood Businesses

I hardly ever see a locally owned restaurant, co-marketing with another business. Like a hair salon can give out 10% off coupons for lunch at your restaurant. Or a realtor can give out a free appetizer coupon to their new (or existing) client. Maybe the local bakery can give our a free soup coupon to their customers.

Thinking outside your restaurant tables and chairs, will help you open up the possibilities of who you can partner with in your neighborhood. Start with other business friends of yours and see what you can come up with. If your restaurant is willing to pay Groupon (or some other service) a 10% fee and then give 25% off coupons, why wouldn’t you do that with strtegic partners?

Because this is the easy way out and besides….everyone else is doing it! Don’t be like every other restaurant, be unique, be yourself, start with a few partners!

Co-Marketing with Neighborhood Businesses

If you work with other local businesses, you’ll get “warm” customers coming to your place, already having a good view of it. If it is thru Groupon or another “coupon” service, you are getting a price shopper and maybe not a repeat, friendly new customer.

Tom Larsen

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