Craft Brewery Insurance

Craft Brewery Insurance

Equipment Breakdown is the most common cause of losses for any micro craft brewery. Power surges, electrical arcing followed by mechanical breakdown of refrigeration equipment is common for breweries.

Micro Brewery

Micro brewery craft beer

Covered for craft brewery:

  • *Pressure Vessels
  • *Mash Tuns
  • *Brew Kettles
  • *Grain Mill
  • *Filtering equipment
  • *Product Spoilage

All the above is covered on a true craft brewery insurance policy. I’ll tell you of a typical claim for a brewery:

“The compressor supporting a rooftop air conditioning unit sustained mechanical damage due to low refrigerant conditions. The system was replaced due to parts available. In addition, the brewery tasting room was closed due to high temperatures, resulting in loss of income. Property damage paid = $10,475 and Business interruption paid = $1,250 (loss of income from brewery tasting room).

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