Cyber Liability is for Your Restaurant.

Cyber Liability is for Your Restaurant.

Your wait staff takes your customers credit card and swipes it into your POS system….is it fail-safe that it went through? I know lots of credit card providers have secure system in place but ultimately it is your responsibility – you did the credit card swipe!

Chef at a local restaurant

Local Restaurant

Just because you are not a Target (remember that breach?) or an Equifax (they got hit too), small businesses of all kinds are being hit every day – you just don’t hear about them. They aren’t big enough to hit the local news, so the public isn’t informed of this cyber hit.

As an insurance agency, we have a greater risk than your restaurant, as we also collect social security numbers, dates-of-birth and where they live. As a small business owner, I would never allow my business to go without cyber liability insurance. And for the $200 per year it costs me, well worth the peace of mind.

Cyber Liability is for Your Restaurant.

restaurant cyber liability protection

Cyber Liability

So any excuse for any restaurant owner to NOT carry cyber liability coverage is not valid given the low cost. And given the amount of hackers in the internet space, you never know when you will be targeted. It just isn’t for large restaurant chains or the bigger corporations either. I personally got credit card hacked in a Chicago restaurant by an employee there. My bank took care of the fraud but what if this employee did it several more times too?

Being a smart consumer of insurance and a smart small restaurant business owner is about being informed. The more you know, the more you will have the proper insurance protection you need.

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