Food Spoilage – a Restaurants Nightmare.

Food Spoilage – a Restaurants Nightmare.

      Oct. 13, 2006 in Buffalo, NY 22 inches of snow fell in 8 hours, snapping trees and utility poles. Since the autumn leaves hadn’t fallen off the trees yet, the added weight of the snow did cause much damage. Many homes (mine included) and businesses lost power for 5-7 days and this is a nightmare if you own a restaurant.

Restaurant and food spoilage

A NY Restaurant

   Since insuring restaurants is one of our specialties, we were able to reimburse most of our clients food inventory, once power was restored. Food spoilage in a restaurant is not always included in a basic insurance policy but we always make sure it is included in our clients policies.

   Food Spoilage – a Restaurants Nightmare.

   Another insurance coverage we include for our clients is off-premises power failure. So in the Buffalo October Surprise storm, if a restaurant didn’t have a physical loss to their building/restaurant, they might not have a claim. But if this added coverage of off-premises power failure – the electric pole on the corner from which it gets it’s power got snapped in 1/2, then the restaurant would have coverage.

   So food spoilage could also come from an indirect loss, that of the power pole on the corner. If their is no physical loss to the restaurant, then this insurance coverage becomes important, especially for food spoilage.

Food Spoilage – a Restaurants Nightmare.

   Restaurants need more specialized insurance coverage than most other small businesses. So if an insurance agency doesn’t specialize in insuring a restaurant, they could be missing some important endorsements and coverage’s that they need. Very important coverage’s to keep their business going.

Food Spoilage Coverage

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