Social Media in Your Restaurant

Social Media in Your Restaurant

I see it happen time-after-time in every single restaurant I go in. Lunch hour (or two hours) and it is now 2:30-3:00 much before the dinner rush. And what are most wait staff doing at this down time? Either folding napkins or chatting with each other or other staff members. Why aren’t they on social media for your restaurant, promoting your place, offering a free slice of pie with every entrée or free cup of soup? It is so easy for a restaurant to be wetting the appetite of their followers!

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How about including a picture of your best signature sandwich and say “free cup of soup with every burger tonight” or something similar. If you have 3 wait staff idle, they are promoting to 3 different followers of theirs, so 3 audiences. If I still owned a restaurant (that was 27 years ago, before social media) I Would insist on my staff doing this very task. It would be better than any groupon or Gusto advertising you can do!

Social Media in Your Restaurant

Or how about on an off day (lets’ say you close on a Monday), have your chef post a  soup receipe to his/her followers. THEY will try it at home and then come in and say “my soup wasn’t as good as you make it”!

Your restaurant customers want something for free (dessert, soup, wine) and will keep coming back for more. And will want to try to  make the chef’s receipe but really miss the way he/she makes it.

Get out their in social media circles with your restaurant!

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