Social media and restaurants.

Social media and restaurants.

We go out to eat a lot, maybe too much. As a former restaurant owner myself, I love the people in the business and the consumer experience in a restaurant. It is the ultimate people business and I like people and where are people today? Social media.

Here is what I don’t get – why aren’t more restaurants using social media to their benefit? Posting something on Twitter on a slow Tuesday night like: “Come in today 4-8 pm and get a free dessert on us!” What did that costs you, a few minutes to create the tweet? Or “Just for today, Free Liter of Pop with every large pizza!” There are so many angles you could use this to your advantage….but no one is doing this.

Or create a business page on Facebook and use that for a contest. Post a trivia question and the winner gets a free meal on the house….and who comes to eat alone? Many restaurants I see will post “kids eat free on Monday”, why not post a coloring page on Facebook, have the child color it before they come in? Then post them all around your restaurants – grandma and grandpa would want to come in to see it too!

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Social media and restaurants.

Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+….all ideal places you could be marketing your restaurant. Plus, doesn’t some of your staff have down time after lunch, like 2-4 pm? It wouldn’t take that long to do your posting but you also don’t need to hire an expert social media person either!

On Pinterest, you should be posting pictures of your dishes but also recipes too. People love to know how to make things and by giving away the “secret sauce” you’ll actually create more vibe for your restaurant. People would want to compare how their’s came out vs. how you make it.

Social media and restaurants.

The perfect space for restaurants to promote themselves is in social media, there has never been a better opportunity. If you have a restaurant and you are NOT doing any social media stuff, you are missing out big time. You need to have a staff person (or persons) be helping you out with this. It isn’t hard, doesn’t take a ton of time but is almost a must in your industry.

Stop doing the things other restaurants are doing and become a different kind of place – the one’s customers will keep coming back to!


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