What Kind of Restaurant Are You?

This is a serious question being posed to newer restaurant owners. What kind of restaurant are you?

Chef at a local restaurant

Local Restaurant

Locally, there is a very good restaurant with a lively bar crowd and good food. But they have 4 TV’s and sometimes call themselves a sports bar. Huh? The bar/restaurant 2 miles away with 20 TV’s is a sports bar, you are not! Know who you are, what you are and do that better than anyone else.

There is also an Irish themed restaurant, that has live music sometimes (2-3 piece combo’s) and pipes in classical irish music. They also sometimes promote sporting events too and they also have 4 TV’s! Knowing who you are, who you attract, what your typical customer is like is key. Don’t be who you are not or try to attract a different type crowd because a special sporting event is coming up.

What Kind of Restaurant Are You?

If I was starting a new restaurant, I would figure out the type of crowd I’d like to attract, what kind of foods do they like and promote that. We were at an italian restaurant in Chicago recently (dear daughter lives there) and EVERY customer left with a “doggie bag”, as their portions were so large. No TV’s, no loud bar crowd, great wine list….they knew who they were! Locally, there was an italian restaurant that also served large portions but did the same at lunch too? Why not have a small plate menu for lunch, so I don’t fall asleep after it!

Restaurant display on social media

Burger Restaurant

Since we are in the restaurant insurance business, I love going and talking with the various owners and see what they think. What idea’s they have, what they vision the future looks like and me throwing at them a few suggestions. Most are open to these suggestions, not all are taken. But since I was a restaurant owner in the past, I really love the give-and-take with these business owners.

What Kind of Restaurant Are You?

Knowing the answer to the above will go a long way to be successful in the restaurant business.

Tom Larsen, Restaurant Insurance Authority

P.S. – If you are a current restaurant owner, why not survey your customers and find out what they say about you?

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