Why don’t more restaurants have V.I.P. customers?

Why don’t more restaurants have V.I.P. customers?

Show some love to your best customers”

It is beyond me why most restaurants do NOT have a V.I.P. list of customers. One’s that frequent your establishment often. They really should be treated differently than the average customer who comes to your place 1 or 2x a year.

There is one such place by me, that keeps a tally of what you spend on a swipe card. Then they reward you with a free dessert or free appetizer. They also have special nights where the V.I.P. might get $2.00 hamburgers or $2.00 vodka drinks.

An idea I’ve only seen 1x was a monthly membership by a pizza place. So for $19.00 a month you got a free pizza a month. So if they have 200 members, then before they turn on the ovens or open the doors, they already have $3,800 in the bank (automatic draws).

If you owned a nice restaurant instead of a pizzeria, maybe this $19.00 is good for 2 drinks and 1 dessert. Or 1 entree when 1 is purchased. Or 2 appetizers and 1 dessert. It really could be a lot of fun to change up what you offer your V.I.P.’s!

Why don’t more restaurants have V.I.P. customers?

Start showing some customer love to your best restaurant customers. You will be rewarded with better loyalty, more repeat customers and a bigger bank balance to start the month!

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