Why Don’t Restaurants Collect Email Addresses?

Why Don’t Restaurants Collect Email Addresses?

I have been known to take clients out for lunch, coffee or a drink or two. Having been a former restaurant owner myself, I enjoy te atmosphere of most restaurants. But of all the places I visit and/or work from (like right now), I am on only 2 email lists!

I find it hard to believe in todays “social media” enviroment, that more restaurants don’t do this. Don’t you want to promote your best customers to repeat their visit? Doesn’t your restaurant have a special to promote this Tuesday or Thursday? Why can’t you share a favoirte receipe?

Why don’t restaurants collect email addresses?

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In my insurance business, I use a program called allclients to touch my clients weekly! For $19 per month, it is an inexpensive way to touch your restaurant customers/clients and it doesn’t always have to be about business!

Talk about your local sports teams, what is happening in the community, what charities you support or walks/runs you are doing. People want to deal with people in todays social media world!

Be a person not a restaurant business. Show them how involved you are in the community. The tools available online are making it easy to connect with your customers.

Make no excuse going forward for your restaurant and email addresses. Start TODAY to have your staff collect email addresses and then use an online program to monitor this on a weekly basis. the sooner you start, the better flow of business your restaurant will have.

Tom Larsen, New York Restaurant Expert

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Insurance expert in the restaurant industry. Former restaurant owner has inside knowledge of what it takes to own and run a restaurant.